Masula Compliance Pty Ltd provides expertise in: 

  • Work Health and Safety Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Environmental Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • WorkCover Claims and Occupational Rehabilitation Management
  • Risk Management

We are located in offices at Tingalpa, Brisbane and employ a broad range of qualified consultants specialising in these areas.

2016 saw Stack Masula transition to a new trading entity, Masula Compliance Pty Ltd and introduce a new partner, Melannie McKeough. Many of our clients will remember Melannie who worked with Stack Masula for approximately six years and is very familiar with our products and services. This opportunity allowed Masula Compliance to progress utilising Melannie’s wider array of services and in-depth knowledge.

Company Focus

Our purpose is to work with our client to cost-effectively manage WHSEQ needs by:

  • Focusing on the needs of our clients
  • Working in partnership with our clients
  • Developing innovative and practical outcomes for our clients
  • Embedding solutions within our client’s management systems

We have a 100% success rate at certifying our clients since 1996. Find out more about our guarantee.

Core Values

Masula Compliance has been established on these core values:

  • Ethical provision of services
  • Rapid response to client issues
  • Recognising and upholding societal and family values
  • Active participation in organisations

We are committed to providing every support to companies that wish to expand and develop in a dynamic environment. Masula Compliance is aware of the increasingly dynamic nature of the information environment. To this end, our company will continue to utilise the most effective IT software and hardware available. Our customers will continue to benefit from our desire to be a market leader in the business services environment.

By developing long term trust relationships with our clients, our company will continue to grow with our clients. The ethical, open and honest treatment of our clients and their workers is our primary focus. We consider ourselves to be an extended family and therefore we place great emphasis on the family unit and its values. Our organisation was founded on the recognition that in order to provide effective service, we need to be flexible. In this regard, our flexibility and adaptability remain our most valuable assets.

The management and staff have been and will continue to be active participants in many community programs. The Director of Masula Compliance will continue to recruit, select and retain those people who seek knowledge and growth within themselves as well as the organisation. As a people-oriented company, the well-being of all employees is the foundation on which our company rests.