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Masula Compliance provides comprehensive advice, consultation, design, integration and support, to assist businesses meet and manage risk and compliance. Protecting you, your employees, and your clients.

As specialised and highly experienced consultants, we partner with you to design, manage and implement customised solutions and systems for work health and safety, quality assurance, environmental management and human resource management.

We assist our clients to develop integrated management systems, manage audit, risk and compliance, achieve certification, and provide ongoing training and support for you and your employees.

Our wealth of knowledge and expertise is proven
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With more than 44 years’ combined industry experience, our highly qualified team has expertise in developing and delivering comprehensive systems, policies and procedures to businesses across a range of industries including professional services, government, building and construction, manufacturing, property services, and health and aged care.

Providing quality service and practical advice is our priority

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and tailored solutions for our clients. We’ll give you the tools and resources to develop the knowledge, understanding and skill to manage your compliance with confidence.

Quality assurance and work health and safety compliance

Why Masula Compliance?

✓  We offer senior expertise.
✓  We have extensive industry experience.
✓  We offer our clients customised, flexible solutions.
✓  We are responsive and accessible.
✓  We provide personalised service.
✓  We have 100% certification success rates.

Our team

Our team at Masula Compliance is qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, responsive and accountable, delivering effective solutions for our clients across a range of industries.

Susie Stack Principal Consultant Masula Compliance

Susie Stack

Principal Consultant

About Susie (Expertise, Qualifications, Memberships)
About Susie (Expertise, Qualifications, Memberships)

Susie’s extensive experience and knowledge in compliance has been crafted over more than 35 years.

Having initially commenced her career in Nursing, Susie progressed into the area of Occupational Health and Safety which led her to become founder of Stack Masula (now Masula Consulting) in 2001.

Since that time, Susie has built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all things Work Health and Safety, Quality Assurance, Human Resource Management systems, Environmental Management Systems and Integrated Management Systems.

Susie successfully guides and supports clients to develop and implement frameworks that improve business efficiency and performance, as well as achieve certification across multiple industries including the construction sector, manufacturing and trades and professional services.

Areas of Expertise
✓ Work health and safety
✓ Quality assurance
✓ Human resources management
✓ Environmental management systems
✓ Integrated management systems
✓ ISO certification

Qualifications & Training
Bachelor of Business (Management)
✓ Advanced Certificate in Occupational Health
✓ Graduate Diploma Occupational Health and Safety
✓ Registered Nurse (not current)
✓ First Aid
✓ Fire Safety Advisor
✓ Rehab Construction Induction

Member, Australian Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS, formerly SIA)
✓ Chartered Professional Member AIHS

Melannie McKeough Principal Consultant Masula Compliance

Melannie McKeough

Principal Consultant

About Melannie (Expertise, Qualifications, Memberships)
About Melannie (Expertise, Qualifications, Memberships)

With more than 12 years in the safety and compliance industry, and 10 years specifically with Masula Compliance (formerly Stack Masula), Melannie offers clients expert compliance services across a range of industries including construction, manufacturing, investment banking and real estate, both large and small operations.

Melannie has worked for organisations both in Australia and internationally with experience including working with a leading management firm, managing a national safety consulting office, gaining publication in the Australian Construction Safety Journal and being awarded for academic excellence in Industrial Relations Strategies and Practice by the Industrial Relations Society of Queensland.

Areas of Expertise
✓ Work health and safety
✓ Human resource management
✓ Quality assurance and quality management systems

Qualifications & Training
✓ Bachelor of Business in Employee Relations (Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management, Occupational Health and Safety)
✓ First Aid including CPR
✓ Fire Safety Advisor

✓ Member, Industrial Relations Society of Queensland
Member, Australian Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS, formerly SIA)

Consulting Support Team

We have a small team of experienced Support Consultants who work alongside Susie and Melannie in areas of work health and safety, quality assurance and environmental management systems.

Administration Support

Masula Compliance’s Administration Support team provides support to our Management Consultants to assist in managing client documentation and general administration services.

Our affiliations

We’re proud to have individual membership of, and work with, a range of industry bodies and associations. We also provide compliance guidance for selected industry groups, supporting their members design, develop and implement systems to meet work health and safety, quality assurance, human resource management, environmental management and integrated management systems and standards.

Landscape Queensland
Chartered OHS Professional membership
Our consultants are members of the AIHS

Landscape Queensland

Masula Compliance assists members of Landscape Queensland to meet their work health and safety (WHS) and human resource management (HRM) compliance obligations. We’ve developed tailored documentation specific to the industry, designed to support members.

If you’re a member of Landscape Queensland and would like to find out more about how we can support you, get in touch with us, or contact Landscape Queensland for a detailed list of inclusions

We have a proven track record assisting our clients achieve compliance and certification. We can support you too.
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