Managing Non-work Caused Injuries and Illnesses Part 2

Posted September 4, 2018

Injuries Sustained outside of work hours When a worker is injured outside of work it can affect their ability to perform their job safely. It may also increase the risk of your business being held liable for the aggravation of …

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Are Your WorkCover Premiums As Low As They Can Go?

Posted October 13, 2016

The aim of managing health and safety is to prevent injuries, but what do you do when something does go wrong? Having just paid WorkCover premiums for the current financial year you may be wondering, how they are calculated and …

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Incident Reporting

Posted February 12, 2015

One of your primary messages to your workers should be: REPORT ALL INCIDENTS, ACCIDENTS AND NEAR MISSES TO YOUR MANAGER IMMEDIATELY…. NO MATTER HOW MINOR Incident reporting is necessary for several reasons: Reporting enables the correction of the situation and …

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Changes to the WorkCover Act in Queensland

Posted December 9, 2013

Changes to the WorkCover Act in Queensland (October 2013) have resolved some major conflicts that employers have faced over the past decade of legislation. An employer is required under the WHS Act to ensure that a worker is safe to perform …

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Posted August 5, 2013

Masula Compliance provides regular updates to our Clients and other interested parties Masula Compliance provide support to organisations in the areas of Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality. By joining the Masula Compliance mailing list you will receive the latest …

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