Why is Human Resource Management Important?

Human Resource Management involves ensuring the employee / employer relationship is harmonious and effective by managing people in the organisation and the issues which may arise. In any business, no matter how small, managing human resources is a critical component to ensure employee well-being and productivity.

Masula Compliance’s involvement in actively managing your human resources can contribute to:

  • Maximising the efficiency of an organisation by optimising the effectiveness of its employees;
  • Ensuring that workers are paid correctly and legislative obligations are being met;
  • Providing enforceable workplace policies to enable effective performance management;
  • Reducing the risk of successful unfair dismissal or discrimination claims; and
  • Improving worker performance and morale.

Human Resource Management Obligations

Workplaces must, in all aspects of managing employees, be fair and just. The Fair Work Act and the Fair Work Regulations are in place to govern the employee / employer relationship in Australia. They place duties on employers to ensure minimum entitlements, provide flexible working arrangements and fairness and equity at work. The Fair Work Act also sets out the National Employment Standards (NES) which are the minimum standards which are enforced across all industries. To cover specific industry requirements Modern Awards are developed and provide specific requirements for workers in that industry which employers must also comply with.

Our Human Resource Management Services

Our Human Resource Management services include:

  • Human resource management reviews to outline the current compliance levels and areas for improvement;
  • Development of organisation specific policies and procedures;
  • Development of client specific employee handbooks;
  • Internal Discrimination, Bullying and Sexual Harassment Training;
  • Advice and guidance on the management of HR / IR issues; and
  • Support during recruitment and selection processes.