Would Your Workers Think Quick in an Emergency?

In the event of a fire or other emergency, it is your legal obligation and responsibility to ensure the safety of any persons in your workplace. Added to this, insurance companies may refuse to pay out in the event you have not met your obligations to have in place and maintain fire and emergency installations and procedures.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) are at liberty to inspect buildings and enforce fire safety legislation, so it is important that any required fire safety features and equipment are fitted, maintained, operable, and used in any emergency. These include for example, testing extinguishers, exit signs and emergency lighting as well as fire doors.

It is also the obligation of owners and occupiers to have in place a Fire Safety Management Plan and to plan for other emergencies in the workplace.

Develop and document a plan for managing emergencies including procedures to be followed for evacuation;

  • Appoint responsible people to implement the procedures;
  • Train workers in their responsibilities; and
  • Post evacuation diagrams to communicate procedures and exit routes to other people; and
  • Conduct evacuation practices to test your procedures and ensure they are effective.

Is your workplace fire safe? Masula Compliance can ensure your business practices and procedures comply with current building fire safety regulations.