Should Australian Standards be free for Australian businesses?

Posted November 30, 2018

The Safety Institute of Australia (SIA), a peak safety body in Australia, has called for Australian Standards to be free for Australian businesses. Given the significant price tag that these documents come with, a move like this could make fulfilling legal …

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Managing Non-work Caused Injuries and Illnesses Part 2

Posted September 4, 2018

Injuries Sustained outside of work hours When a worker is injured outside of work it can affect their ability to perform their job safely. It may also increase the risk of your business being held liable for the aggravation of …

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Work Health and Safety Act Updates July 2018

Posted July 31, 2018

Recently there have been a number of changes to health and safety legislation in Queensland. These changes may affect all businesses especially those who have appointed health and safety representatives. Below is a summary of the changes and what you …

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Chemical Management – Impact of GHS Changes

Posted January 6, 2017

The Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals has come into full effect across Australia as of 1 January 2017. The GHS is an international system to classify and communicate chemical hazards using consistent terms and information …

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Work Health and Safety Due Diligence

Posted October 31, 2016

What is due diligence? The Work Health and Safety Act requires that the officers, for instance Directors, exercise due diligence to ensure that the organisation complies with its duties or obligations under the Act. This includes: Acquiring and keeping up …

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Are Your WorkCover Premiums As Low As They Can Go?

Posted October 13, 2016

The aim of managing health and safety is to prevent injuries, but what do you do when something does go wrong? Having just paid WorkCover premiums for the current financial year you may be wondering, how they are calculated and …

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What will the Inspector find at your workplace?

Posted July 25, 2016

In the five year period to June 2015, 610 people were trapped by moving machinery/equipment or hit by moving objects. That’s more than two people a week. This startling statistic has prompted Worksafe Qld to commence a year-long audit campaign focusing …

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