Maritimo International

Maritimo engaged the services of Masula Compliance in 2012, during a period where the business was undertaking a significant change process and company restructure. Since their introduction to our operation, Masula Compliance has been managing our ISO 9001 and OH&S requirements. With the assistance of Susie Stack and the team at Masula Compliance, we have developed a robust system for the safety of our employees, to fulfil our obligations as a responsible corporate citizen, and for the protection of our business.
The benefit of working with Masula Compliance is they have the knowledge, expertise and relationship management skills to handle the demands of our business, giving me the confidence I need to ensure all aspects of our ISO 9001 & OH&S requirements are being met on a timely basis, and we are satisfying our legislative obligations.
We are a manufacturer of luxury motoryachts and sell our products globally. We produce to an extremely high quality standard to meet the demands of our clients. Masula Compliance have taken the time to understand our business and our industry-specific nuances for the mutual benefit of our customers, suppliers and Maritimo. Their ability as a business to be flexible and nimble and continuously provide service at an exacting standard is a distinct advantage in today’s competitive market.
I have no hesitation in recommending Masula Compliance and we will continue to work with them for the foreseeable future.

Garth Corbitt, CEO