What is WorkCover Queensland?

WorkCover QLD manages workers’ compensation and injury management within Queensland. It is compulsory for employers to take out workers’ compensation insurance to cover employees in the event of physical or mental injury contracted during the course of their employment.

WorkCover Claims Management Obligations

Under the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulation 2003, if a worker is injured at work, employers are obliged to participate in rehabilitation. This obligation includes offering suitable duties and graduated return to work programs as appropriate. These rehabilitation programs must be approved by the treating medical practitioner.

Employers are required to appoint a Rehabilitation and Return to work Coordinator if they are classified in a high risk industry or their payroll exceeds a certain wage threshold.

Why is WorkCover Claims Management Important?

When a worker is injured it can have wide ranging effects on an organisation, from loss of production, the financial burden of claims and negative cultural affects. The need for assistance managing WorkCover claims will depend on the number of workers, the organisation’s claims history, availability of appropriate internal resources and the risk of common law claims.

Masula Compliance employs staff trained in WorkCover legislation, rehabilitation co-ordination and return to work (RRTWC), and injury management. Masula Compliance can be appointed as an organisation’s Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator and directly work with your injured worker to ensure a speedy recovery and return to work. Alternatively we can provide our years of claims management experience to support an internally appointed Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator.

Masula Compliance’s involvement in actively managing your WorkCover claims can contribute to:

  • Reducing WorkCover insurance premiums
  • Reducing the worker’s time away from work
  • Reducing the cost of individual claims
  • Reducing internal resource requirements
  • Reducing the risk of successful common law claims
  • Increasing positive return to work outcomes

Our WorkCover Claims Management Services

Our WorkCover Services include:

  • Initial contact with the employee and the treating doctor
  • Incident Investigation
  • Incident Reporting
  • Injury Management
  • Facilitating the employee’s WorkCover claim
  • Arranging for an independent medical assessment, if required
  • Communicating with the WorkCover Authority
  • Documenting in detail the progress of the claim
  • Reporting progress to the employee’s manager
  • Implementing suitable rehabilitation
  • Monitoring return to work