Health and Safety Training Sessions and Workshops

Masula Compliance can provide health and safety training and workshops to suit your organisation’s needs.

Customised training enables:

  • Skills in risk assessment and risk management
  • Understanding of worker / employee obligations in work health and safety; and
  • Practical examples of training subjects relevant to your organisation.

Training sessions include an interactive presentation by our qualified Consultants, practical application of training material where relevant, training workbooks for later reference, competency assessments to identify the understanding of participants and certificates of completion issued to each participant.



WHS Induction

We can perform WHS Induction Training for new workers in your organisation

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We can provide WHS training courses to meet your WHS Training needs

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Tool Box

We can help you plan and define the Tool Box Talks to suit your organisation

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Risk Management Training

We can provide Risk Management training to help manage workplace risks

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Safety Training Handbooks

Masula Compliance will provide you with Safety Training Handbooks to enable training to be conducted by your own staff. We can provide:

  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) Induction Handbook
  • Worker Training Handbook
  • Contractor Training Handbook
  • Forklift Safety Handbook
  • Driver Safety Handbook
  • Safety Training Handbook
  • Quality Training Handbook
  • Environmental Handbook