The type and extent of support will depend on the needs of your organisation but can include the following:

  • Review WHS documentation to ensure that it complies with the legislation
  • Conduct audits to ensure that the workplace and systems comply with legislation
  • Provide training in work health and safety and risk management
  • Provide regular updates to enable you to keep up to date with changes to health and safety requirements
  • Participate in safety meetings
  • Conduct incident investigations etc.

Consulting With Our Clients

As safety consultants,  we believe that our role is:

  • To listen to what our client needs and wants
  • To identify compliance gaps
  • To provide our expertise in order to support our clients to comply with work health and safety law
  • To provide compliance solutions that are sensible and practical
  • To upskill our clients so that they can, in time, self-manage their work health and safety obligations