A WHS audit ensures you have  identified all workplace safety risks and hazards in your workplace. Having expert advice on hand helps you understand the latest WHS requirements and how they apply specifically to your organisation. Enabling you to put the right systems in place to safeguard your employees.

Here are our top 5 reasons using an external party for your WHS audit is a good idea:

  1. You won’t get caught out – It is hard to know what you don’t know, an audit can find gaps in your systems and reduce the potential for incidents, injuries and penalties which in turn deliver cost savings

  2. You’ll be up to date – A safety audit assists in ensuring your workplace is complying with the latest WHS legislation and addressing emerging risks
  3. You’ll have peace of mind – take the stress out of compliance by understanding where your risks are and how the organisation and officers are meeting their obligations
  4. It can work better for you – While you may have all the required systems in place, there may be opportunities to streamline or improve their effectiveness
  5. You’ll know where to next – Knowing what the issues are is the first step, getting guidance on how to resolve the issues is provided with recommended actions that can be prioritised

In addition to the assurance of understanding your legal compliance, an audit demonstrates due diligence and commitment toward your worker’s health and safety and leaves you to focus on your core business.

Time for an external WHS audit?

An external WHS audit is a fast and simple way to identify and tackle gaps in your WHS compliance.

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