Boosting sales with an integrated management system

Many companies in the Business to Business (B2B) space supply their products and services to other organisations. This may be in the private or public sectors where you have to tender for work or be pre-qualified. The challenge is how to grow these B2B sales, one strategy is to develop an IMS. An integrated management system, or IMS, is an integrated framework that includes your quality management, environmental management, and safety management systems. The three most common standards to integrate are:

  • AS/NZS ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety
  • AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality
  • AS/NZS ISO 14001 Environmental management system.

However, you may have other Standards that are important to your business, or you may only choose to integrate two. A key benefit of implementing an IMS is that it will assist with the reduction of risk. It can also be beneficial in optimising your performance. But let’s look at it from the perspective of growing your business.

Smoothly managing these requirements and standing out from the crowd are ways that having an IMS that incorporates the requirements of international standards (ISO) are advantageous when tendering for work. Firstly, it can often place you above your competitors who haven’t invested in such systems. An IMS can also automatically give your company effective verification of your approach to quality, safety and environmental management.

IMS process to grow sales

How does an IMS grow B2B sales?

  • Unified approach
    An IMS brings all your management systems together, WHS, QMS, EMS, HRMS etc. into a complete framework with unified objectives. As a result, this makes it easy to shine in your proposals and tenders.
  • Continual improvement
    With a unified approach in place you are keeping an eye on your work methods, policies and procedures, if evidence emerges that something is not working actions can be taken to fix them. This is because an IMS drives you to focus on outcomes.
  • Consistency and efficiency
    With solid systems in place, delivery of your products and services to your customers improves and mistakes are minimised. This in turn delivers improved outcomes for customers boosting your chance of referrals and repeat business.

In a B2B environment being market ready to join any supply chain is a huge bonus to your business development efforts and speed of pre-qualification for bids and tenders. An IMS does this by clearly charting information, workflows, and responsibilities, ensuring that you are effectively meeting workplace and regulatory requirements and your customers’ expectations. Not only does this allow you to increase your capacity to respond to tenders, but also grow into new markets .

As a trusted compliance partner, Masula works with you to understand your industry, business, the workplace, as well as advise you of your legal obligations and responsibilities across work health and safety, human resources and industrial relations to implement robust and effective IMS solutions.

In addition, we can hold your hand during the certification process. We have a 100% certification success rate!

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