United Commercial Contractors: Online training

Masula Compliance has partnered with United Commercial Contractors (UCC) to ensure WHS compliance for more than 7 years.

UCC’s core business activities involve providing specialist services to the warehousing and logistics sectors including the management of manual handling equipment battery room operations (battery charging, changing and maintenance). This challenging work environment consists of high-risk work in a range of worksites spread across states, an unskilled workforce and significant compliance requirements to satisfy large retail chain clientele.

In 2019 UCC’s Managing Director, Ray Bowring came to us with the challenge of ensuring their rapidly expanding workforce was provided with appropriate and consistent WHS training to ensure their safety, and the safety of others, as well as providing evidence of the training to their clients.

UCC had in place well documented WHS requirements in the form of paper-based training material and procedures however, the geographic distribution of workers and the number of workers coming onboard meant it would have been time consuming and inefficient to implement face to face training. So online training was suggested as an alternative.

Easy to understand training material, now available online

Together with UCC, we identified the key training requirements for workers before they set foot in a battery room. Working with the Ray and his team we developed the training material in an easy to understand format. Using company specific training videos, images, document links, customisable forms and quizzes, we were able to provide UCC with an online training platform that streamlined the training of workers across Queensland and Victoria.

The UCC online platform has been operating successfully for just over a year now with over 100 participants having completed the training to date. In a post-Covid world, the online training has continued to provide value where state borders have been closed for periods of time cutting Ray off from his southern teams, as he is based in Queensland.

We recently asked Ray to reflect on his experience moving his training onto the online training platform.

Q: Why is having an online training and induction platform important for your business?

A: Because of the ease of use for our team, which is spread across the country. Having an online platform ensures all of our team members get the same training Queensland or Victoria. It also allows us to show our customers that our world-class training of our staff members is being completed as required.

Undertaking training of our team members in this way demonstrates the commitment to our clients that we are focused on safety and training which gives them the confidence to work with us long term and to award more contracts to us because we are a safety-focused company.

Q: What do you see as the benefits for you/your business/your employees/your customers?

A: Definitely ease of use and the ability for the new team members to undertake the training at home. It also delivers us records that we use to ensure compliance with our clients’ businesses.

Q: Why did you engage Masula Compliance to prepare your training program?

A: Because we have worked with Susie Stack for several years and they are more thorough in understanding our needs. We have big companies and corporate clients who have commented on how well prepared and detailed our safety documentation is.  We have noticed that our safety platform developed with Masula Compliance regularly is head and shoulders above more prominent companies HR department’s documentation. Many of those companies have a significant budget to run a full HR department, something we do not have.

Q: How did you find the process of working with Masula Compliance to create training content?

A: Easy!  Melannie McKeough gives fresh eyes to a complex task and then turns that information into a training programme that is informative, easy to understand and most importantly relevant to our team members.

I am very proud of having a training platform that no other company in Australia can compete with.


Establish an online training platform for your business

Clients who choose the Masula Compliance online training platform have the peace of mind that WHS due diligence requirements to communicate WHS requirements, train workers and maintain records are undertaken with ease.

Some of the benefits of our online training platform include:

  • Remote web-based login for users;
  • Generation of certificates of completion;
  • Generation of competency assessment records;
  • Generation of records for acknowledgement or acceptance of company policies or requirements;
  • Regular reporting;
  • Customisable form completion;
  • Evidence requests (licence or insurance submissions); and
  • Expiry tracking for training, licences and insurances.

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