Diverse Worx: IMS certification

During 2019 Masula Compliance worked in partnership with Diverse Worx to develop an integrated management system (IMS) to meet the requirements of the following standards.



Diverse Worx

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Diverse Worx is a Brisbane based and owned commercial building operational maintenance and property fitout company specialising in servicing major CBD properties, industrial complexes and high-density accommodation properties to ensure their operational performance is fully optimised and maintained.

Services provided to south east Queensland include general maintenance, plumbing, electrical, fabrication, project fitout and renovation works, and other services such as glazing, waterproofing and landscaping.

Commencing operations in 2006, their current client base includes Queensland Rail, Colliers, Stockland, Brookfield Multiplex, Knight Frank, CBRE, and Dexus to name a few.

Through their commitment to continuous improvement, directors Terry James, Brad Murray, and Drew Hunter made the decision to implement a process for obtaining certification to the three standards.  This process was managed seamlessly with the assistance of staff members, Bronwen Wieden, Cat Holland and Nicola Sundhoo who were instrumental in the development and implementation of the system from the beginning.

The Integrated Management System process

We recently asked Bronwen, Cat and Nicola to reflect on the certification process in its entirety, commencing back in April 2019.

Q: During the initial phase Masula Compliance sat down with the management team to undertake a business analysis workshop.  What benefits did you see from this process?

A: The business analysis workshop gave us an opportunity to step back away from the day-to-day running of the business to analyse the big picture of what is critical to the success of the business. Having someone from outside the business lead this process also helped us gain perspective. The process of explaining our procedures, strengths and opportunities to the Masula Compliance team made it clearer which areas within in the business needed attention.

Q: What benefits were observed from defining a mission statement, value propositions and company objectives?

A: Defining these key elements helped bring into focus our business goals and areas to prioritise within the business.

Q: Did you encounter any challenges moving to the next phase of implementing your systems?  How did you manage those challenges?

A: Defining a user-friendly system was challenging as it affected so many parties within the business. We focused on consultation and feedback to create a system that everyone could see value in. The next challenge was implementing the system, which required changing habits and behaviours that had developed over many years. Once again, realising the changes would be valuable to each member of our team helped motivate the change.

Q: What benefits have you experienced (or see yourself experiencing in the future) through the AS/NZS ISO 9001, AS/NZS ISO 45001 and AS/NZS ISO 14001 process?

A: We feel that attaining the standards sets us apart from our competitors. We’ve always strived for professionalism and a quality service to back up our team’s vast experience so having the International Standards helps us prove this ‘on paper’.

Q: What advice would you give other organisations considering certification to the three standards?

A: Certification is a huge investment of your time and requires a methodical implementation process, however the end result is a testament to our team and its’ abilities. We’re very proud of our achievement company-wide.

Taking the first steps towards integrated systems and certification.

Would you like to reap the benefits of implementing an integrated system? The experienced and qualified team at Masula Compliance can get you there.

Our wealth of knowledge and expertise has been gained through supporting businesses in developing practical management systems, monitoring the implementation process, and achieving the recognition of external certification since 1997.

Our Integrated Management System focuses on the needs of the whole organisation and enables compliance and certification to:

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By supporting our clients through each step, we ensure the process adds value, minimises disruption to business operations and can be effectively implemented to result in real change for the organisation.

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