“Customise solutions specifically for our needs” – H2Flow

We engaged Masula Compliance to assist H2Flow in getting some structure around our Workplace Health and Safety and Environmental management systems. We had been developing our systems and procedures over a period of time, and it came to a point where we needed to formalise our internal systems. After our initial brief, it became clear that the requirements to formalise our approach to WH&S and Environment were core to a broader Quality systems approach needed for the business. And so our journey towards an Integrated Management System began.

Getting to know our business was important, and Susie went to great lengths to understand the nature of our business and day to day operations to ensure that the systems we had in place and the procedures we were developing were relevant and applicable to meet our unique requirements.

Susie and the Masula Compliance team bring a combination of skills and systems that they have developed over a period of time and work with our business to customise solutions specifically for our needs. It’s not a turnkey solution. It’s tailored specifically for our industry, and in particular our business.

The first part of our journey towards ISO accreditation has been in setting up the appropriate framework. We are aware the process is an ongoing one and we have now engaged Masula Compliance to mentor us through the implementation process.

Mark Broekman, Director