Do I need to appoint a Fire Safety Adviser (FSA)?

From a compliance perspective, the answer is probably yes. There is a regulation in place (Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008) that requires in general terms, high occupancy buildings (usually 30 people or more) or a licensed premises, to appoint and train a Fire Safety Adviser (FSA).

A Fire Safety Adviser is someone who holds an approved building fire safety qualification, the qualification must be current and issued within the last three years.

Whilst it is paramount that you have an appointed Fire Safety Adviser, that person doesn’t necessarily have to work in the same building as your business or be a staff member. For example, you can have a trained FSA that covers a number of sites for your business.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) do recommend, where practical, that a Fire Safety Adviser is an existing staff member, as there are benefits of being onsite to respond. However, where it is not possible or practical you can have an external Adviser, such as Masula Compliance, who can set you up with a Fire and Emergency Response Plan, train your staff and wardens and facilitate your annual emergency practice drill. These are required for all businesses regardless of regardless of whether you require and FSA or not.

Whether they are a member of staff or an external Adviser, the key role of a Fire Safety Adviser is to: 

  • Take care of your evacuation plans and diagrams
  • Ensure the building occupants have an easily accessible point of contact about fire safety, for example, a fire warden who is familiar with the building, protocols and fire safety arrangements.
  • Ensure workplace emergency procedures, systems and processes are in place – including induction training for your team.
  • Manage and monitor workplace emergencies, procedures, equipment and other resources.
  • Operate as part of an emergency control organisation – for example, the setup of fire evacuation drills, plans and training.
  • Produce and manage annual occupier statements.

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