Does quality assurance scare you?

If you’re running your own business, I expect that you have done a business plan. A business plan will describe in detail your business objectives and how you plan to achieve these. Hopefully it will define an effective strategy for growth. Here we explain why quality assurance should be part of that strategy.

Business planning is essentially setting up and documenting the processes you need as a business to make sure you deliver on your mission. You define the business you are in and your purpose for being. In that process it is important to recognise the quality required to ensure customer satisfaction. So why then does quality assurance scare you?

Peter Drucker said, “what’s measured improves”. He also says “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” meaning you can’t know whether or not you are successful unless success is defined and tracked and that is precisely what quality assurance is.

Quality assurance is a systematic process of defining your objectives, setting targets, measuring those targets and using mistakes as opportunities for continuous business improvement,

How do these two things go together we hear you say? Well versed in quality assurance (QA) as we are, we know that businesses that have a good quality management system in place are more efficient, more focused and better able to adjust to the everchanging market in which they operate. That is because quality assurance sets the framework for a cycle of continuous improvement.

So, are they one and the same thing? No, but there are significant benefits of doing them together.

When it comes to writing a business plan, there is a certain formula that is tried and tested, regardless of your service or product. You should aim to articulate goals, reveal weaknesses, and determine the overall trajectory of the business. So why is it worth overlaying this process with a QA plan?

QA is built on the premise of Plan-Do-Check-Act. This process-driven approach enables you to decide on your specific, measurable, achievable and realistic objectives and targets. It then requires you to periodically evaluate and modify these to ensure that they continue to provide the desired results, that is, the goals articulated on your business plan.

Whilst business planning can have a creative approach, the QA process involves a definite series of steps that a company should follow for every product, service, or process to ensure they meet quality standards. It takes your planning journey through a series of formalised steps that include the planning, then testing, monitoring and implementation.

QA Certification is formalised by an international organisation for standardisation (ISO), founded with the goal of ensuring quality across borders. Certification to ISO AS/NZS 9001 is considered the most reliable standard today because it assists businesses to consistently meet every expectation or demand of their customers.

Businesses that pair QA with their business planning process certainly grow their competitive edge, along with many other advantages such as a positive reputation for reliability due to consistent quality.

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