Masula’s Partnership with an Independent Christian College

Achieving Educational Excellence: Masula’s Partnership with an Independent Christian College.

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WHS Compliance, Quality Assurance (Business Excellence), Risk assessments, Process development, Policy implementation, Governance, Educational excellence

The Independent Christian College is a rapidly growing P-12 school in the south Brisbane area. We partnered with their Board and Principal as it recognised the need to develop a structured and comprehensive set of policies and procedures to effectively guide their staff and ensure business excellence.

The Issue:

In the world of education, challenges can vary as much as the students themselves. A P-12 school encompasses a wide range of operations that pose different levels of risk to staff, students, and contractors. The College did not have the resources or skills set to create its policy framework and sought out a partner with a high level of compliance and governance expertise.

Our Work:

Masula has been working with this Christian College over the last 12 months to formulate a structure for policy and procedure development and to identify any gaps against best practice compliance. Some of our work to date includes:

  1. Business Excellence and Governance: Identifying critical policies and procedures to enable the effective functioning of the Board and executive management team, including delegation authorities, risk management, handling of court order.
  2. Health Care and Emergency Medical Responses: In consultation with the College Nurse we developed a set of clear and effective protocols for treating students in the health bay, ensuring the well-being of both students and staff.
  3. Working at Height: We conducted a risk assessment of work or activities at height (eg. contractors cleaning the roof, staff retrieving balls) and created detailed policies to protect against risks of injuries and litigation.
  4. After-School Care Protocols: Recognising the importance of extended care, we developed detailed protocols for after-school care, ensuring the safety and well-being of participants during extended hours.

The Outcome:

In collaboration with the governance and policy committee of the Board, we translated our work and expertise into practical, usable processes that will become integral to staff training and activities.

This partnership has not only addressed the College’s immediate challenges but positioned them for sustained success with a blueprint that other educational institutions can aspire to.

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