Environmental management systems– benefits for your business

What motivates companies to embrace the protection of the environment? For some, it is the benefit of being seen to be doing the right thing in a competitive marketplace. For others, it is the ethical code of protecting the earth and its inhabitants and for many, it is both.

From our perspective here at Masula, there is of course also an element of legal compliance involved. An Environmental management system (EMS) is very easily embedded into an Integrated Management System (IMS) where your focus is on safety, quality and the environment. An EMS not only reduces your carbon footprint, but it can also make your company more effective in many ways:

  • Sustainability – improving sustainability can help you manage costs, for example, conservation of raw materials, energy, water and waste management
  • Business reputation – people are more likely to support a business that cares about the environmental impact
  • Recycling – reusing and recycling can help you maximise resources
  • Work health and safety – focusing on the environment that your employees work in leads to a focus on improving workplace health and safety by reducing negative environmental impacts
  • Certification – gaining external certification of your EMS can give your business credibility with customers, stakeholders and investors.
  • Increased sales opportunities – large businesses and government departments may only deal with businesses that have an EMS. It can be the tipping point in the tender process.
  • Legal compliance – businesses must meet certain environmental protection laws.

Australian, state and local governments jointly administer the environmental protection laws in Australia. Environmental laws that affect your business will depend on your business type. Some businesses require certain licenses or permits for their activities.

Regardless of the size and type of business you run, there are ways to manage your impact on the environment. Whether it be a standalone Environmental Management System (EMS) or more commonly part of an Integrated Management System (IMS). Masula can help you implement best practice to prioritise your environmental management activities and ensure you are legally compliant.

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