Work health and safety compliance is not rocket science, although the myriad of laws and standards governing employers in Australia can be overwhelming.

If you break down your compliance into simple steps this can help to guide your compliance program. But remember, unless you have evidence of these elements you will not be able to defend yourself in the event of a serious injury. Without evidence, you most likely will be deemed grossly negligent and subject to prosecution.

So, let’s look at the instruction and training elements of this simple matrix. Training workers can be time-consuming and costly. Are you providing adequate time for training, and do you struggle to track and maintain which workers have completed WHS training?

Masula Compliance can help you to navigate your work health and safety (WHS) legal obligations, working with you to risk assess your work processes and prepare safe work procedures, conduct compliance inspections and streamline your WHS training.

Our online training platform enables us to load your WHS training into a portal specifically designed for your workplace. It is a cost-effective and time-saving solution to your training needs.

Here are our top five benefits of online training:

  1. Time saved and ease of delivery Online training saves you time and at Masula we tailor the WHS training for your company needs. This allows relevant, structured training to be completed online by your workers. It allows the worker to complete the course at a time and day that suits them, rather than pre-booking a face-to-face training course that may take them away from the workplace. If you have multiple offices or locations, then ease of delivery is important and an online platform ensures all your staff receive the same training.
  2. Integrate into your onboarding process Our top tip is to include online training as part of your onboarding process. Provide your employees with the skills and knowledge required to apply safe work practices early on and the online training becomes a robust part of the onboarding process.
  3. Tailored and consistent training With Masula Compliance’s online training platform, we customise WHS training content specifically for your business. The online element ensures it is consistent for every worker as well as tailored to your business.
  4. Reportable online records Need an easy way to keep track of training completed by staff? You will be provided with reports identifying those workers that have completed their training and those that are still outstanding.
  5. Legal document Once completed online, the training record becomes a legal document with the worker’s digital signature. This reduces your liability and becomes a natural and important part of the onboarding process. Check out our client case study on the benefits of implementing online training. The Masula Compliance online training platform gives you peace of mind that WHS due diligence requirements to communicate WHS requirements, train workers and maintain records are undertaken with ease.

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