Seasonal Update - Heat Stress Calculator

Between December and March, sweltering and humid conditions in Queensland can cause heat-induced illness, necessitating breaks for your employees and posing fatal risks in extreme situations.

As we continue the slog into summer, the question of when it’s too hot to work outside becomes critical to employers and employees. While many search for a definitive temperature that signals a halt to outdoor labour, the reality is far more nuanced. Each work environment is unique and will be influenced by multiple factors that go beyond the mercury level.

Things that impact heat risk include:
  • Ambient air temperature
  • Reflected heat or heat from machinery
  • Nature of the space
  • Distance to cool area and drinking water
  • Humidity level
  • Physical activity involved in the task at hand

In the battle against heat stress, knowledge is power. A safe system of work will protect your business and employees and should include an assessment of your workplace environment, the physical health of workers, and ongoing monitoring and supervision.

A great starting point is the Heat Stress Calculator Tool developed by the Queensland Government:

Heat Stress Calculator

The tool prompts you to select options related to:

  • ambient temperature;
  • clothing type;
  • sun exposure;
  • task complexity;
  • distance from water; and
  • duration of exposure.

In less than 3 minutes you will get a risk rating alongside the necessary actions.

We urge all businesses with outdoor work environments to complete this assessment for each work site. If your workplace is high risk, we can assist with a more detailed assessment as well as policies and procedures to protect yourself and your workers.

Don’t wait until someone on your team requires medical attention for heat stress. Stay cool, stay safe, and be proactive in creating healthier and more productive summer work environments.

How Can We Help?

If your work environment is high risk, contact us for an in-depth assessment and tailored safety measures to protect your business and your employees.