Human resource management

Manage your people with confidence

We deliver human resource management (HRM) services including development of bespoke policies and procedures, compliance reviews, and documentation, as well as ongoing HR consultation and advice, enabling you to support your employees with confidence.

Our human resource management services


✓ Advice and guidance on your legal obligations and responsibilities in the management of human resource (HR) / industrial relations (IR) issues
✓ HRM reviews to outline the current compliance levels and areas for improvement


✓ Development of organisation specific policies and procedures
✓ Development of client specific employee handbooks
✓ Design and development of customised forms, checklists and templates


✓ Support during recruitment and selection processes
✓ Assistance with performance management and performance appraisals and procedures
✓ Guidance and management of dispute resolution
✓ Facilitation of reviews in relation to the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) aligned with fair work and salaries/wages requirements


✓ Development and delivery of training programs for your employees and subcontractors
✓ Delivery of induction programs for new employees, or site induction training
✓ Delivery of internal discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment training

Benefits of a human resource management system

Developing comprehensive HRM systems and programs benefit your business’ bottom line. We’ll help you to:

✓ Optimise the effectiveness of your employees
✓ Maximise your organisation’s efficiency
✓ Ensure your employees are paid in accordance with legislation
✓ Provide enforceable workplace policies and procedures
✓ Reduce risk of unfair dismissal and discrimination claims
✓ Improve employee performance and workplace morale

What is a human resource management system (HRMS)?

HRM systems involve integrating systems, policies and procedures that facilitate and support the recruitment, selection, onboarding, administration and performance management of your employees, ensuring you meet and manage your human resource and industrial relations obligations.

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