Young Control Systems: QMS Certification.

Brisbane based Young Control Systems (YCS), a one-stop electronics design, assembly and manufacturing facility, travelled the path of quality assurance in 2018.

They successfully attained certification to the international standard AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems – Requirements with the mentorship from the Masula Compliance experienced team.

YCS are an Australian-owned and operated company providing solutions to the health, aeronautical, mining and telecommunications industries throughout Australia.

The benefits of a Quality Assurance system.

Having a robust quality assurance system not only provides a platform for improved management control over your business, it can be a valuable marketing tool to showcase the business and to place it above competitors in the marketplace.

Clive and Juleen Kellow, have operated the family run business for over 23 years.

They decided quality assurance certification would provide credibility when tendering for high profile company and government projects, add value to the business processes through a coherent workforce, and above all, provide them with a greater awareness of their overall business performance.

The Quality Management System decision.

We recently sat down with the Kellows to review the quality assurance process and gain an insight into their decision making around AS/NZS ISO 9001 certification.

Q: What criteria did you identify for the journey to AS/NZS ISO 9001 certification?

A: We were looking for a smooth transition with minimum disruptions to our workflow.  Having previously attempted the quality assurance certification process on our own through a DIY system, we recognised the need for a mentor who could assist the company in moving forward and implementing the documented improvements to our systems of work.

Q: The quality process begins with defining and documenting your existing business processes. What benefits did you see in this initial phase?

A: Firstly, we gained a graphical and word definition of what we were actually doing rather than just working from processes in someone’s head using local knowledge. Gaps in our systems and processes were highlighted, and it identified where vulnerabilities existed in our processes.

Q: Did you encounter any challenges moving to the next phase of implementing your systems? How did you manage those challenges?

A: Initially we encountered difficulties in implementing new processes given we had been operating as we were for a long time. The culture of our business needed to change for the first time. To facilitate the changes required we scheduled regular meetings of our management team to formulate and implement changes, and increased communication within the organisation to enable those changes to occur. 

Engagement of our staff in the process was key to the success of the implementation.

The nature of the YCS business is fast paced and dynamic. Choosing a mentor who was willing to work with the organisation’s needs allowed YCS to meet their corporate responsibility whilst moving smoothly towards AS/NZS ISO 9001 certification.

Q: What benefits have you experienced (or see yourself experiencing in the future) through the AS/NZS ISO 9001 certification process?

A: The main benefit we saw straight away was having a defined and visible picture of the operations of our entire business. The journey highlighted how vulnerable we were in terms of our process deficiencies, and created the framework needed to implement immediate improvements.

Looking to the future we can only see our business improving. The shift towards certification was seamless and it assisted in tying existing processes with new ones to create the YCS Integrated Management System

Q: What advice would you give other organisations considering AS/NZS ISO 9001 certification?

A: DO IT! Apart from the satisfaction of knowing that your company has achieved a higher standard of interacting in the business world through improved processes and increased customer satisfaction, you can maximise your output and gain a higher standard of credibility through AS/NZS ISO 9001 certification.

Taking the first steps towards Quality Assurance and certification.

If your organisation, like Young Control Systems, would like to see the benefits of implementing quality assurance processes, Masula Compliance is your go-to consultant.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience has been gained through supporting businesses in developing practical management systems, monitoring the implementation process, and achieving the recognition of external certification since 1997.

Our Integrated Management System focuses on the needs of the whole organisation and enables compliance and certification to:

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By supporting our clients through each step, we ensure the process adds value, minimises disruption to business operations and can be effectively implemented to result in real change for the organisation.

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