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Managing your business during and beyond COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The continually evolving and unpredictable challenge of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and new flu strains, have put a heavy strain on businesses and their employees. The pandemic has encouraged businesses to address infection control on a broader scale to ensure we keep our employees and customers safe.

In recent years many businesses have had to change how they operate and build in processes, policies and procedures to respond to infections – magnifying the need for businesses to be prepared, flexible, and ready to adapt.

Our infectious diseases workplace support services

Develop your infection control management plan

An infection control management plan will help you plan, prevent, respond and recover:

✓ Protect you, your employees and your customers
✓ Provides advice on hygiene and safety, physical distancing, record-keeping and staff wellbeing
✓ Identify and minimise or eliminate unnecessary risks and hazards
✓ Determine and implement appropriate control measures
✓ Show your customers you’re doing your part to keep our community healthy

Establish a working from home framework

We can assist you to develop and establish your business’ working from home framework including:

✓ Working from home policies and procedures
✓ Working from home agreements
✓ WHS assessments for employees working from home

Infection control management plans (ICMP)

We can design your business’ Infection Control Management Plan. We’ll:

✓ Assess the workplace risk for COVID-19  and other viruses or infections
✓ Develop tailored systems and procedures to manage infection control
✓ Prepare customised documentation to assist day-to-day management
✓ Help you to minimise risk to you, your employees, and your customers

Vaccination policies and stopping the spread

Good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene is the best defence against most viruses. Wearing a mask, using alcohol based sanitiser and social distancing have now become part of our response toolkit and should be implemented in workplace best practice.

Whilst we don’t recommend mandating vaccines for your employees unless there is a very good reason to do so, there are many good reasons to have a vaccination policy in place. Vaccination policies are not just about COVID-19 vaccinations which are of course a hot topic but for all vaccine-preventable diseases that could be transmitted in the workplace or whilst undertaking work.

Contact us today to discuss our infection control workplace support and your Infection Control Management Plan, to protect you, your employees and your customers, so you can focus on your business.