Your COVIDSafe Management Plan

Plan. Prevent. Respond. Recover.

Develop your business’ COVID safe plan

It’s important to ensure your business is well-prepared for both the short-term and longer term effects that have arisen as a result of COVID-19 and what this means for workplace health and safety, human resource management, and quality assurance policies, procedures and systems. Masula Compliance can design a COVID safe plan for your business to ensure you’re well-placed to operate with minimal risk in this changed climate.

A COVIDSafe management plan will help you plan, prevent, respond and recover:

✓ Protect you, your employees and your customers
✓ Provides advice on hygiene and safety, physical distancing, record-keeping and staff wellbeing
✓ Identify and minimise or eliminate unnecessary risks and hazards
✓ Determine and implement appropriate control measures
✓ Show your customers you’re doing your part to keep our community COVID safe
✓ Help you get your business back on its feet

Establish and implement your COVID safe plan today

What is a COVIDSafe Management Plan?

Masula Compliance has developed a COVIDSafe Management Plan (a COVID safe plan), to assist businesses manage their operations through and beyond COVID-19.

It is a document containing all the information required to guide your business through and into resumption of pre-COVID activities while ensuring that the business complies with restrictions and guidelines stipulated by relevant authorities – minimising or eliminating risk to staff, customers and the community.

What’s included in a COVIDSafe Management Plan?

✓ Tailored plan designed for your industry and business
✓ Integrated plan providing clear action requirements
✓ Risk assessment
✓ Roles and responsibilities
✓ Emergency services contacts
✓ Ongoing risk management
✓ Risk analysis and strategy
✓ Risk matrix
✓ Occupancy number assessments and signage for both internal and external spaces
✓ Workplace signage
✓ Entry registration form
✓ COVIDSafe checklist
✓ Event log form
✓ Tool Box Meeting form
✓ COVIDSafe certificate

What’s involved in developing my business’ COVID safe plan?

Masula Compliance will undertake an initial consultation with you which may include a site visit if required (Brisbane metro only) to establish:

✓ Site layout
✓ Organisation structure – roles and responsibilities
✓ Key business activities – what you need to achieve as a business to operate profitably
✓ Interaction between workers and visitors – your contractors, clients, customers, deliveries
✓ Understanding of existing policies and procedures that may interact with the plan

We’ll then draft a tailored COVIDSafe Management Plan for your business and present to you for feedback. We’ll then finalise your COVID-19 safety plan and present this to you for your immediate use.

We can provide you with your business safety plan within 48 hours of the initial consultation.

What our clients say

…enabled us to get back to work sooner.

“McDonald Auctions engaged Masula Compliance for the creation of our Covid safety plan.

From start to finish their service was seamless, from our initial phone call through to onsite visit and drafting of plan, dealing with various people in the team was a pleasure.

Susie was able to grasp our operations quickly and provide solutions that enabled us to get back to work sooner.

Great people to have in your corner, actually knowing that we meet legislative requirements expected of our company has been a great step forward, we have been able to put aside all the misinformation and get back to it.

Great value for money, I would highly recommend the services of Masula to anybody considering their Covid plan.”

Neil McDonald
McDonald Auctions

Contact us today to discuss your COVIDSafe Management Plan, to protect you, your employees and your customers, so you can get back to business.