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Risk management and human resources
for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

To remain compliant with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) requirements, it’s important businesses regularly review and reassess Workplace Health and Safety procedures and related risk assessments for appropriate hazards identification, risk minimisation and ensure elimination measures are in place.

The Risk environment will continue to evolve and change as a result of the Australian Government announcements and Health Department advice. We will be issuing our clients with regular updates, including revised Risk Assessment documentation that addresses new information and regulation as it arises.

Resources and Information available below:

Your COVID safe management plan

V.12 Risk assessment COVID-19

COVID -19 work instruction

Establishing a ‘work-from-home’ framework

Client resources

What’s your COVID safe plan?

Prepare your business for the ‘new normal’.

While restrictions have seemingly eased, it’s really important your business is prepared for the long-term, ‘new normal’ environment. Being prepared and ready to quickly adapt will ensure you’re well-placed to operate without the added stress. Already have a COVIDSafe Management Plan in place? When was the last time you updated it?

If your business has already been following the control measures in the COVID-19 risk assessment sent out by Masula Compliance then you will be well prepared to implement a formalised plan. Now is the time to review your situation and consult with employees about the effectiveness of the control measures you have implemented so far.

Masula Compliance will develop your COVIDSafe Management Plan, tailored specifically to the risk profile of your business and industry, for a one off cost.

Get in touch today to discuss your business’ COVIDSafe Management Plan.

Risk assessment – update
version 12, 4 March 2022

This Risk Assessment (Version 12: 4 March 2022) supersedes any previous Risk Assessment provided. Please remove any previous versions and use this new documentation which has been updated to reflect the evolving situation of the health pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

We have prepared this risk assessment exclusively for Masula Compliance clients to assist with the mitigation of the impacts associated with COVID-19. Please review our new highlighted content.

The Risk Assessment has been developed as a resource for you to apply to your own business. Please consider your own operation, circumstances and potential for exposure to COVID-19. If you wish to tailor this specifically to individual nuances, or update with your own branding, please get in touch.

Infection control in the workplace
– COVID-19

It’s important businesses implement a continuous review of workplace health and safety practices and procedures including implementing appropriate Infection Control Measures to minimise or eliminate risk for employees, customers and the business, particularly in relation to COVID-19.

The Risk environment will also continue to evolve and change as a result of the changing status of the virus, as well as Australian Government announcements and Health Department advice.

We have prepared several resources for managing Infection Control in the Workplace. We can also work with you and your business to develop operation-specific advice, tools and resources. Below are several resources.

Cleaning to prevent the spread of COVID-19

A combination of cleaning and disinfection will be most effective in removing the COVID-19 virus. Safe Work Australia (SWA) have prepared a Fact Sheet: Cleaning to prevent infection control.

Establishing a ‘work-from-home’ framework

Depending on the nature of the business and work-specific requirements, employers may consider recommending employees work from home instead of attending their usual place of work. E.g. some office-based employees may be able to do their work from home.

This may help minimise the risk of individual employees’ exposure to COVID-19 as there is less opportunity to come into contact with infection hazards – there’s fewer people travelling on public transport, and a reduced risk of transmission occurring at the workplace through face to face contact.

  • Working from home policy: The Working from Home Policy has been developed as a resource to develop your own policy as appropriate for your business. You must consider your own operation, circumstances and potential for exposure to COVID-19.
  • Working from home agreement: The working from home agreement is used in conjunction with the working from home policy. It is designed to capture and record specific information about the employee arrangement, specific duties and requirements, as well as incorporate relevant work health safety reviews and assessments for the home work site, and any required systems, equipment and tools. Please consider your own specific requirements and adapt this agreement as appropriate.
We’re here and open for business, ready to provide you with any support you need whilst navigating the challenges of these unusual times.