What is a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

Safe work method statementsSafe Work Method Statements – have you been asked by your client for a ‘swim’?

SWMS is the colloquial term for a Safe Work Method Statement. – a document that must be prepared if you are undertaking a ‘high risk construction activity’ that is to be carried out at a workplace.

It defines the nature of the work, the hazards arising from these activities, and the control measures to be put in place to eliminate or minimise the risks.

Whilst there are a number of specified high risk construction activities in many workplaces and worksites, some of these may include:

    • working at height
  • use of a mobile powered machine such as a digger or backhoe;
  • work near roads;
  • excavation and trenching

SWMS are required only for ‘construction’ work, however the term is being used more broadly these days. Outside of the construction context a SWMS is the same as a risk assessment, job safety analysis (JSA) or Safe Work Procedure.

So if you are not working on a construction site, and your client asks you for a SWMS you may already be able to meet their needs with your current safety documents.

Find out more about preparing Safe Work Method Statements at Safe Work Australia, or get in touch with Masula Compliance for more information.

Learn more about your WHS obligations

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