Step up safety

 WHS packages for small business

Our Step Up Safety package has been specially designed as a cost effective solution for small businesses. We’ll act as a second set of eyes that will work with you to identify safety gaps and provide you with a compliance solution, so that you can sleep easy.

While Work Health and Safety compliance is not rocket science, and you may think you have ticked the boxes, the myriad of laws and standards governing employers in Australia can be overwhelming.

Masula Compliance partners with businesses to improve compliance, no matter where you are on your safety journey. We can help you cut through the jargon and establish a tailored safety solution for your business.

Peace of mind 

The Step Up Safety program is a cost effective 12 month program that kick starts your safety compliance with our professional support and guidance. Your tailored program will entail a fixed monthly fee for 12 months, ensuring support throughout the year. We’ll be your mentor, helping you understand and apply the law, and document and implement streamlined safety processes to protect you, your workers and your business.

The six step program

An initial safety inspection with an action plan

A WHS induction handbook and competency assessment

A set of risk assessments

A set of WHS work instructions

WHS forms

A follow-up inspection to keep you on track

As a boutique compliance consultancy, our Step Up Safety program will partner you directly with an experienced consultant. We will work closely with you to deliver significant improvements over the first year, and then provide you with the level of support you require going forward. We will advise on processes and procedures in your daily business activities that will protect your workers. The Step Up Safety program will enable documentation of compliance and can be used as evidence should you need to provide it, protecting you and your business.

Benefits of work health and safety systems, policies and procedures

Investing in a good Work Health and Safety program in your workplace will:

✓ Reduce risk of prosecution, protecting you, your business and your employees
✓ Increase compliance with the WHS Act
✓ Protect your employees from injury or harm
✓ Identify and minimise or eliminate unnecessary risks and hazards
✓ Reduce staff absenteeism and sick leave
✓ Reduce workers’ compensation claims
✓ Improve employee engagement and operational efficiency
✓ Increase cost savings and improve business performance

WHS handbooks

A company WHS handbook provides workers with an easy reference place for all key information regarding health and safety policies and procedures at your workplace.

All organisations have an obligation to identify and document the hazards, risks and risk controls relevant to their operations. There is also an advantage to communicating safety expectations to workers in a clear and easy-to-understand format.

The Step Up Safety program will help you develop and implement your handbook. A WHS handbook can:

✓ Define and communicate your health and safety expectations
✓ Be used as an induction tool and ongoing training resource for your team
✓ Be referred to when workers do not meet these requirements
✓ Be used as evidence of safe systems of work

Work health and safety audits

As experienced work health and safety professionals, a Masula WHS audit guarantees that you have tested, checked and assessed all possible risks that can impact your business and employees.

Throughout the audit we will review your sites, processes and safety management systems to identify gaps. We will test, check and verify your risk controls. An audit also enables us to assess against legislative compliance and introduce strategic plans to mitigate risk and ensure compliance for your business.

If you are unsure how to check your compliance and how to best implement policies, procedures and management plans for your business, then a WHS audit is the best place to start.

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We’ll work with you to develop comprehensive WHS systems and procedures customised for your business.