Customised training solutions

Training solutions to meet your business needs

Workplace health and safety training solutions

Our team of qualified, experienced consultants are well-placed to support your business with training in a range of areas in workplace health and safety training, quality assurance, human resources, and environmental management. We can assist you to develop and deliver customised training solutions for your business.

Customised training for:

✓ Health and safety training sessions and workshops
✓ WHS Induction Training and WHS Induction Packs
✓ WHS Training
✓ Tool Box Talks
✓ Risk Management Training
✓ Safety Training Handbooks
✓ Quality assurance and quality management training
✓ Human resource training services

Customised training solutions for your business

Workplace health and safety training sessions and workshops

We partner with our clients to help them understand their obligations under Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) regulations and provide the necessary systems, training and advice to manage their WHS for the long-term.

Masula Compliance can provide health and safety training and workshops to suit your organisation’s needs. Customised training enables:

  • Skills in risk assessment and risk management
  • Understanding of worker / employee obligations in work health and safety; and
  • Practical examples of training subjects relevant to your organisation.

Training sessions include an interactive presentation by our qualified and experienced consultants, practical application of training material where relevant, training workbooks for later reference, competency assessments to identify the understanding of participants and certificates of completion issued to each participant.

WHS Induction and WHS Training

Masula Compliance can develop customised WHS induction training programs for your workplace and also assist you with WHS Induction Packs for you to conduct own inductions.

Training can include a range of options relevant to your business:

  • How to identify hazards and to eliminate or reduce the risks to an acceptable safe level
  • The procedure in an emergency, including location and use of emergency equipment
  • How to safely use any hazardous chemicals
  • Who to report hazards, defects etc
  • How to use, maintain and correctly store items of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Tool Box Talks

Tool Box Talks provide a platform for information exchange between workers and managers.

The objective is to raise the awareness of the workers and inform them of the control measures put in place to prevent workplace injuries.

We will help you plan and define the Tool Box Talks for your specific business needs.

Risk Management Training

Managing risks in the workplace is an essential requirement and skill base for your business.

Our Risk Management Training will advise your management and workers to:

  • Identify workplace hazards
  • Identify risks
  • Assess the risks
  • Put in place suitable risk control measures
  • Develop safe work practices

Safety Training Handbooks

We can develop customised Safety Training Handbooks for your business to enable training to be conducted by your own staff, including:

  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) Induction Handbook
  • Worker Training Handbook
  • Contractor Training Handbook
  • Forklift Safety Handbook
  • Driver Safety Handbook
  • Safety Training Handbook
  • Quality Training Handbook
  • Environmental Handbook

Quality assurance and quality management training

Masula Compliance can develop and deliver training and tools for your managers, supervisors and employees to meet and maintain quality standards.

Human resources training services

We offer a range of training and support for human resources including:

  • Assisting in your Induction Training
  • Developing and delivering Internal Discrimination, Bullying and Sexual Harassment Training

What’s involved?

Masula Compliance can work with you to:

  • Determine what training you want to provide in person or online
  • Identify which workers are required to undergo what training and when
  • Develop relevant content and course modules
  • Work with you to roll out to your workers
Contact us today to discuss your worker training needs. We can assist with a range of options from WHS to quality assurance and more, designed for your business and industry.