Online training

Training solutions to meet your business needs

Online training solutions

As specialised and highly experienced consultants, we are well-placed to support your business with training in a range of areas in work health and safety, quality assurance, human resources, and environmental management. And, we can assist you to develop and deliver customised online training for your business.

WHS Induction Training covers:

✓ Health and safety basics
✓ Workers duties, rights and responsibilities
✓ Risk management overview
✓ Incident management overview

Online Training

Additional training topics available

  • Fire and emergency response
  • Manual handling
  • Office ergonomics
  • Work at heights overview
  • Using plant and equipment overview
  • Specific plant or equipment use
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) overview
  • Specific PPE safe use and storage
  • Ladder use
  • Hazardous chemical overview
  • Specific hazardous chemical safe use and storage
  • Construction site safety systems
  • Supervisor training
  • Human resource policies and procedures
  • Fitness for work
  • Electrical safety overview
  • Isolation, lockout and tagout

We’ll work with you to identify a range of training options for your industry and business.

Masula Compliance online training platform

We’ve partnered with Altora to provide our clients with high quality online training without the hassle and cost of running your own platform.

We can provide:

✓ Remote web based login for users
✓ Generation of certificates of completion
✓ Generation of competency assessment records
✓ Generation of records for acknowledgement of acceptance of company policies or requirements
✓ Regular reporting
✓ Customisable form completion
✓ Evidence request i.e. licence or insurance submission
✓ Expiry tracking for training or licences and insurances

Customised training solutions for your business

Are you finding it challenging to keep your workers occupied during downturn? Our online training solution is available 24/7, providing workers with access to the training they need, anywhere, anytime.

With Masula Compliance’s online training platform, we can customise training content specifically for your industry, and your business. There’s no need for you to manage your own learning management system or online platform, as we’ll take care of it all. Saving you time and money.

Customised training solutions for your business Masula Compliance can turn your existing health and safety documentation into online training enabling you to maintain evidence of communication of WHS requirements and generate and track training records.

Accessing generic online training courses may provide contrary information to that which is included in your existing systems. Course development through Masula Compliance can be customised to your organisation including the use
of company specific course content including a range of materials and formats:

✓ Videos
✓ Images
✓ Document links
✓ Forms
✓ Quizzes

What’s involved?

Masula Compliance can work with you to:

  • Determine what training you want to provide online
  • Identify which workers are required to undergo what training and when
  • Develop relevant course modules
  • Issue to up to two workers for testing and feedback purposes
  • Amend courses based on feedback
  • Finalise ready for user access


Contact us today to discuss your worker training needs. We can assist with a range of options from WHS to quality assurance and more, designed for your business and industry.