Work health and safety

Experienced work health and safety consultants

We partner with businesses to help you understand your Work Health and Safety (WHS) legal obligations, working with you to design and implement policies and procedures, conduct compliance audits and support you with WHS Training, ongoing consultation and advice. We can also assist you to achieve certification to AS/NZS ISO 45001 standards.

What is WHS?

Workplace health and safety, or work health and safety (WHS) is concerned with the health, welfare and safety of people in the workplace. WHS considers the safety, health and wellbeing of business owners, employees, and customers or clients who may be affected in some way by the work environment.

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Work health and safety consultants


✓We work with you to understand your industry, business, the workplace, and operating practices.
✓ We’ll advise you regarding your legal obligations and responsibilities.
✓ We’ll help you identify, meet and manage your work health and safety obligations and compliance requirements.
✓ We can help you identify the correct licensing requirements for your employees.


✓ Develop WHS Management systems designed specifically for your business
✓ Develop and provide WHS Documentation including Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Safety Data Sheets (SDS), safe work procedures, safe operating procedures, audit tools and checklists.


✓ Perform Risk Assessments to ensure safe systems of work
✓ Undertake compliance audits of your health and safety systems and procedures
✓ We can review Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and safety plans for your organisation
✓ Assist in WorkCover Claims Management and incident investigations, reporting and also provide related training.


✓ We’ll work with you to implement your work health and safety management systems within the business
✓ We provide WHS Training for you, your managers and employees.
✓ We’ll help you integrate your WHS systems and procedures into a broader Integrated Management System for your business.

Benefits of work health and safety systems, policies and procedures

Investing in a good Work Health and Safety program in your workplace will:

✓ Reduce risk of prosecution, protecting you, your business and your employees
✓ Increase compliance with the WHS Act
✓ Protect your employees from injury or harm
✓ Identify and minimise or eliminate unnecessary risks and hazards
✓ Reduce staff absenteeism and sick leave
✓ Reduce workers’ compensation claims
✓ Improve employee engagement and operational efficiency
✓ Increase cost savings and improve business performance

WorkCover Claims Management

Masula Compliance employs staff trained in WorkCover legislation, rehabilitation co-ordination and return to work (RRTWC), and injury management. We can be appointed as your organisation’s Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator and directly work with your injured worker to ensure a speedy recovery and return to work.

WorkCover Claims Management services

✓ Developing rehabilitation and return to work procedures
✓ Managing initial contact with the employee and the treating doctor
✓ Undertaking incident investigation and incident reporting
✓ Injury management
✓ Facilitating the employee’s WorkCover claim
✓ Arranging for an independent medical assessment, if required
✓ Communicating with the WorkCover Authority / Insurer regarding workers’ compensation
✓ Documenting in detail the progress of the claim
✓ Reporting progress to the employee’s manager
✓ Implementing suitable rehabilitation
✓ Monitoring return to work

WHS Training

Customised WHS training presentations and workshops:

✓ WHS Induction Training
✓ WHS Induction Packs
✓ General WHS Training
✓ Toolbox Talks
✓ Risk Management Training
✓ Safety Training Handbooks

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We’ll work with you to develop comprehensive WHS systems and procedures customised for your business.